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Public talk by Daniel Joseph Martinez

  • Cannonball 1035 North Miami Avenue Miami, FL, 33136 United States (map)

Algorithms learning how to plot our behaviors, drones keeping a close eye on everything, asymmetrical warfare conducted from shipping containers on the Nevada desert, corrupted interfaces generating unexpected new material, global supply chains and automated workspaces, proliferating dreams of melding chemical economies across species, nanotech cellular reparation on the way to eternal living, a mutated Earth system that threatens us with a planet that will turn into a volatile cauldron of chaotic climate, massive geoengineering projects to deflect solar radiation on the horizon, reignited desires to leave the terrestrial platform, black bodies getting blasted everywhere, satnav image literacy as part of kindergarten curricula--what is there for contemporary art to do in a world pressured by all these things? Please join Cannonball for a free-wheeling public conversation between Visiting Artist-in-Residence Daniel Joseph Martínez and Artistic Director Gean Moreno in which they will tackle this question and perhaps a few others.

Throughout his career, Daniel Joseph Martinez has interrogated social, political, and cultural mores through artworks that have been described as nonlinear, asymmetrical, and multi-dimensional. His works are executed in a wide range of media, including text, sculpture, photography, painting, installation, robotics, performance, and public interventions. They delve into topics of empire, race, and sociopolitical boundaries in American society. His work has been exhibited at the Cairo Biennale (2006), Whitney Biennial (1993, 2008), Venice Biennial (1993), Site Santa Fe Biennial (2011, 2014), 12th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey (2011), Lima Biennial (2009), and Berlin Biennial. Martinez teaches theory, practice and mediation of contemporary art in the Graduate Studies Program and the New Genres Department, at the University of California, Irvine.

Free and open to the public.