Carlos Martiel, Sentence

   Simiente,    2014.       Photo: Nabeela Vega

Simiente, 2014. Photo: Nabeela Vega

On evening of September 12, Cuban-born and Cannonball Artist-in-Residence Carlos Martiel will produce Sentence, a new performance that reacts to his unnerving encounter with the urban and social experience of contemporary Miami, particularly in the neighborhood of Overtown. Known for performances that explore the coercive interactions between the individual and the state, particularly as these revolve around race and Afro-Atlantic heritage, Martiel has shifted slightly the space of his concerns: from identity to concrete economic conditions; from autobiography to social narrative; from the kind of inscription on the body that a centralized state produces to another one that results from the more diffuse forces of economic disparity. Fully-covered under a weighty, concrete-layered bedspread that will be bolted to the sidewalk, Martiel will lay naked for as long as he is physical able to.

     Sentence is the second work produced through Cannonball’s Commissioning Program. Later this year, a small publication will be produced to document it.  

About the Artist:

Carlos Martiel (Havana, 1989) graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts,  Havana, in 2009. His works has been exhibited in the Havana Biennial (2009); the Pontevedra Biennial, Galicia, Spain (2010 ); Liverpool Biennial (2010); Biennial La Otra, Bogotá (2013); and the International Performance Art Biennale, Houston (2014). He has had one-person exhibitions at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Havana (2012); Museo Museum, Naples (2013); Axeneo 7, Montreal (2013); Galería Lux,  Guatemala City (2013); and Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles (2014). 

He has also been awarded numerous prizes, including "Arte Laguna" in Venice, Italy (2013) and ”Premio Close Up" in Vallarta, Mexico (2012). This year Martiel was selected for an emergent artist award by Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami. His work has been seen in Cuba, Canada, Italy, Estonia, United Kingdom, Spain, Senegal, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Germany, Greece, China, the US and elsewhere.