Parents Not Required: ( Open House

It’s happening: Cannonball’s public alternative school is here.  (r.a.d) will pilot this Fall, so please join us for our first Open House on Saturday, September 27th, between 4pm and 6pm. You’ll have a chance to meet some of our future, stellar faculty and the members of our Advisory Board, and hear how we intend to unpack the ideas, forms, and contexts of cultural production in the 21st century through university-level courses, intensive seminars, and research projects. The Open House will be held at Cannonball and it is open to the public. 

r.a.d is an alternative school open to everyone. It draws from a long tradition of informal but rigorous pedagogical initiatives. A non-degree granting program, it offers a number of courses and seminars by a distinguished faculty of practitioners in the cultural fields and the social sciences. It is driven by an effort to develop a broad knowledge base for participants interested in working outside traditional disciplinary boundaries.

r.a.d has been established to add to the local educational infrastructure and make new pedagogical resources available to artists, arts professionals, and cultural producers at all stages of development, as well as to members of the general public who are interested in the program. Less a skill-based school in the traditional sense, it is a forum to engage in important dialogues around contemporary realities in the cultural sphere and beyond it, and to develop projects that shed light on the dynamics that are organizing present-day urban and global configurations. 

r.a.d will provide, through its courses, seminars, and lectures, critical tools to participants. It will expose them to non-traditional methodologies, encouraging them to engage with the pressing problems that structure the social, economic, and cultural spaces in which they practice and live. 

r.a.d, as a forum for dialogue and exchange, will render cultural discourse in the city more robust and dynamic by binding it to global conversations. This is part of an effort to foster a healthy cultural sphere that retains creative and critical practitioners in the city, which will help continue to develop Miami as a site of significant artistic and discursive production. 

r.a.d will encourage both its students and its faculty to engage in research and projects that center on Miami, which is emerging as the prototypical city as it is taking shape around a series of concerns and dynamics that have intensified to unprecedented degrees during the first decades of the 21st Century, including those of financial speculation, logistics, urban redevelopment, and environmental precariousness. 

r.a.d courses will take place, depending on how faculty members structure them, either in a classroom in Cannonball’s facility in downtown Miami or throughout the city, via partnerships with other organizations and community groups.