Open Matters

If you are interested in taking on a particular matter, please email us or call us at 786-347-2360. Matters are expected to be taken pro bono and will be referred on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have expressed an interest, we will forward you the related file and you will have one week to review the materials, run conflicts, and otherwise determine whether you are able to handle the matter.

LegalLink Open Matters – March 10, 2015


File No. 120-14— Business Law/Copyright
An artist is the 51% partner of an S Corporation created for the purposes of merchandising and selling his art, working with a 49% partner. After several years of differences, the artist wishes to part ways and start his own company to personally license and market his art, without interference or claim of ownership from his partner. He seeks an attorney's advice regarding his rights relating to ownership of his artwork and how to proceed in forming his own company.

File No. 007-15— Business Incorporation
An inventor seeks advice regarding the ideal business entity to market and sell her invention. She hopes to use proceeds from the sale to finance production of a musical she has written.

 File No. 012-15— Business Incorporation & Advising
An artist seeks to start a company that will, among other things, produce music showcases. He seeks an attorney’s advice regarding various business structures and if talent agency laws will apply to his business.


File No. 130-14— Contract Review
A painter has an agreement to sell her work in China and seeks an attorney to assist drafting and negotiating a written contract and licensing agreement. 

File No. 013-15— Contract Review
A film group signed a coproduction contract to produce a film. The agreement term has expired, and the group seeks an attorney’s advice regarding its current rights and obligations under the agreement.

File No. 014-15— Contract Review
An artist produces an art show that is geared toward children. She seeks to license the concept and use of the brand name (currently being trademarked). She seeks an attorney’s assistance preparing a licensing contract that protects her brand.

File No. 016-15— Contract Dispute
An artist had a written consignment agreement with a gallery. The gallery sold the artist’s work and failed to pay the artist under the contract. In addition, several pieces were damaged while being held by the gallery. Under the contract, the gallery is responsible for damage. The artist has sent a demand letter and the gallery refuses to respond or to pay the artist.

File No. 019-15— Contract Dispute NEW
A visual artist hired an engineer and fabricator to construct a display to be presented during Miami Art Week. The piece was not completed in time and the fabricator demanded more money and would not give over the work. Ultimately, the artist had to hire another fabricator to build the piece. The artist seeks an attorney's assistance obtaining the work from the fabricator and advice regarding options on how to proceed.


File No. 020-15— Copyright Dispute NEW
An author wrote a book with her now-deceased partner during her partner's struggles with breast cancer and leukemia. They received a copyright registration. After her partner's death, the author was the sole beneficiary of her estate. The book was then published by the partner's family, without permission or knowledge. The author seeks an attorney's assistance regarding her options to protect the work and her partner's legacy.


File No. 002-15— Entertainment/Licensing
A writer has several scripts and treatments that he is looking to submit to entertainment companies. He seeks a consultation with an entertainment attorney regarding the best way to proceed with submitting his work.


File No. 015-15— Immigration: Visa
A retired Finnish national currently living in Spain would like to permanently relocate to the United States. She seeks advice regarding the proper procedure.

File No. 018-15— Immigration: Visa
An artist is in the United States on an OPT visa. She seeks an attorney’s advice regarding her options when it expires, and if necessary how to apply for an H1B visa.


File No. 003-15— Non-Profit  Advising
A painter owns the house of her late husband. She seeks an attorney’s advice on how the nonprofit she directs may purchase the house and how she may be paid as artistic director. 

File No. 009-15— Tax Exemption
A dance collective that teaches young artists urban dance is applying for tax exempt status. The organization is already formed as a Florida not for profit corporation and seeks assistance filing IRS Form 1023.


File No. 123-14— Utility Patent Application
A playwright and inventor has created a medical kit to help patients who are bedridden. She seeks a patent attorney’s assistance to conduct a prior art search and assist with the patent application.

File No. 129-14— Design Patent Application
A designer has created a design for a bedding product and seeks to apply for a design patent with the USPTO. She has submitted a non-provisional patent application and needs to submit additional information to proceed with the application.