Making a Global City (Urbanism, Locality, Capital Flows, Art) (Spring 2015)

A multitude of forces are shaping what the contemporary city is, and in many ways Miami seems to exemplify this condition to an exaggerated level. Led by Diann Bauer and Suhail Malik, this course will investigate the conditions of the contemporary city in general and Miami specifically as not only responding to local and regional development, but also as a node in a global network of cities.

Through a series of seminars and a studio-based project we will look at how real-estate development, contemporary art, geopolitics, immigration, capital investments, technology, and material infrastructure are changing what Miami is. 

This course is designed for students from a range of disciplines but will work primarily in and from art.  

The aim of the course is to develop strategies and practices that can use the conditions at work in Miami rather than be used by them.

Course Schedule:

January 20-24, 2-6 PM

Three days of afternoon presentations by guest speakers, introduced and contextualized by Bauer & Malik including a reading group on January 22nd. 

Bauer and Malik will deliver a final wrap-up seminar about what was presented throughout the week, and present a practice-based assignment to be worked on over the course of the semester.

April 6-10, 2-6 PM

Mid-semester reviews in March for the final projects to be presented in May 

Follow-up thematic review symposium

May (Date TBD)

Final presentations