Visual Activism and the Climate Disaster (Summer 2015)

How can we "see" climate change? How can we help create social change to avoid climate disaster? Led by Nicholas Mirzoeff, this course is a hands-on discussion and action-based project to help devise some answers. It begins with an introduction to the key issues in visualizing climate change and the Anthropocene era. It asks how visual activism might find ways in past and present visual culture to engage with them. One key strategy is to create an intersectional approach to climate change, meaning that we have to show how it engages with issues already present and visible to people. The course will think about climate change in the Caribbean context of which Miami is a part. It asks: how do we make it clear that #BlackLivesMatter in relation to environmental and climate disaster? These sessions will be off-site, meeting with local activists and artists. Then we will carry out a mapping project to see how gentrification, urban space and climate change intersect in Miami. Participants will leave the course with visual activist tools to carry on the discussion in their own neighborhoods, workplaces and creative work.

Course Schedule:

Monday, June 22
Tuesday, June 23
Wednesday, June 24
Thursday, June 25
Friday, June 26

All sessions: 2-6 PM


Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Chthulucene: Making Kin, Donna Haraway 

Defining the Anthropocene, Simon L. Lewis & Mark A. Maslin 

How to See the World, Nicholas Mirzoeff

Visual Activism, Nicholas Mirzoeff