5 Nights of Science Fiction (Fall 2015)

"I define science fiction as the art of the possible” – Ray Bradbury

"My briefest ever definition of science fiction is 'Hubris clobbered by Nemesis” —Brian W. Aldiss

"Science Fiction is an argument with the universe." – Farah Mendelsohn

It's often said that Science Fiction is the literature of change. When a culture is undergoing unprecedented scientific advances and technological developments, it's hardly surprising that stories about these changes become popular. The science fiction story destroys our comfortable society. It doesn’t deal with a restoration of order, but with the ways in which we leave existing societal orders to never return to them. 

For five evenings, Daniel Joseph Martínez will present a carefully selected group of science fiction films in an attempt to recalibrate the ways in which we, as artists and thinkers, can understand these movies and perception more generally; to extract fragments of ideas and theories from a range of different propositions; and to establish new frameworks to work in. Through the convention of the film screening, the course aims to be an intervention into everyday life and a rejection of the normative and conventional reading of the world, all in an effort to ignite new possibilities of inhabiting the matrix of social and political environments we are stuck in.

Course Schedule:

Monday, October 19
Tuesday, October 20
Wednesday, October 21
Thursday, October 22
Friday, October 23

All sessions: 6-9 PM